This Self is never born, nor does It die. It did not spring from anything, nor did anything spring from It. The Ancient One is unborn, eternal, everlasting. It is not slain even though the body is slain.

- Katha-Upanishad

We are perfect beings. Although most of the time we don’t feel like we are, our true nature is pure perfection and bliss. For most of us this truth becomes muddied and obscured through painful life experiences, misaligned belief systems, traumas and so forth. Yoga, meaning union, is a system of realigning our body, mind, and spirit, and ultimately with our divine source. Practice of yoga can peel off the layers of self-limiting beliefs, blocks, unhealthy patterns by bringing awareness to our bodies through the asana (physical posture) practice and reconnecting to out inner world through meditation and pranayama (breath exercise).

Yoga is a great support for realignment if we feel out of balance physically or emotionally as well as maintaining well-being and vitality. Dis-ease occurs due to misalignment in some way whether physical or otherwise. In our hectic modern society we often knowingly or unknowingly adopt behaviors that don’t serve us or are not in harmony with our true nature whether it be our food choices, destructive lifestyles, or hurtful actions against others including animals and plants. However, we can bring ourselves back to remembrance of our true divine nature by the support of yoga in which we can shed the misaligned beliefs and start to take actions that serve our highest good and that align with our true divine nature. We are meant to live in bliss and harm0ony. Let us KNOW this truth through the unfolding of yoga.

 I teach yoga. I teach yoga because I need yoga in my life and I believe you can use yoga in your life, too! I would love to share what I’ve learned and found helpful so far in my own yoga journey. Yoga has helped me to deal with challenges, process difficult emotions, deepen my connection with God, my source, as well as get in better shape than I’d ever been in my whole life! I’m stronger, healthier, more flexible, and most of all more present in the gift of each moment that I live. I used to live either in the past or future and not fully take in the beauty of life which is in the now and only in the now.

When I was going through depression (which was a blessing in disguise that taught me many many lessons) only thing I could enjoy was yoga since its only focus is the now and it was too painful for me consider the past or future at the time. And through this process I actually learned to be in the now for the first time in my life. THAT was such a gift and one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my life. Since then My life has been expanding with more joy and fullness. I treasure the little things as well as the big that make my life rich. I allow myself to do things that bring me pleasure and feed my soul. And I believe you can, too!

I invite you to incorporate yoga into your life and see how empowering yoga practice can be for every area of your life.

-Say Kubo, Instructor


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Yoga Instructor

Say Kubo

Say started practicing yoga in 2007. She initially took up yoga as a form of fitness program as many do in the west but quickly fell in love with the spiritual aspect of yoga. She soon found yoga to be a strong support in every aspect of her life and that it deepened her existing spiritual practice. Say tried out and practiced many different kinds of yoga including Ashtanga, vinyasa, Iyengar, power yoga, kundalini, Anusara, etc., which allowed her to learn different approaches to yoga. She went through her 200-hour teacher training in the style of Anusara, which is a form of Hatha yoga that emphasizes good alignment and incorporates the spiritual aspect of yoga. She trained with highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers like Lois Nesbitt, Jackie Prete, Rudrani Farbman and was certified through Blue Sky Yoga at 200 hours. She subsequently followed up with training in therapeutic yoga with Lois Nesbitt. Say is currently enrolled in the Grand Masters Program and studying with an acclaimed teacher, speaker Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker (best-selling author of What You Think of Me Is None of My Business, Live Your Bliss) to deepen her spiritual knowledge and practice. She is also studying energy medicine (EEM, Spring Forest Qigong) to incorporate it into her practice and her teaching. When Say is not practicing or teaching yoga you can find her hiking in the woods, dancing, acting, doing photography, or any other kind of adventure that appeals to her.

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