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Accredited by the North American Grappling Association, Red Dawn Combat Club is steadily becoming one of New York’s premiere Martial Arts Schools. Since 2009, RDCC has been...

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More hours, open mat workouts, and programs = more mat time. Whether you’re an early bird, weekend warrior, or addicted to the mat – our schedule has something for everyone....

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More hours, open mat workouts, & programs = more mat time. Whether you’re an early bird, weekend warrior, or addicted to the mat – our schedule has something for everyone.

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Francisco D.

Graduate Student

Great place to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or MMA…. I arrived with a very limited exposure to the grappling arts, and so I was immediately relieved to find myself surrounded by such a helpful and welcoming group of martial artists. Everyone at the school works together, and this communal and help-oriented mentality starts at the top with head instructor, Michael Botier, and Assistant Head Instructor, Frederick Quijano. Training sessions are simultaneously intense but technical and are always conducted with safety in mind. The school is also conveniently located for those in the Forest Hills/Rego Park area, right on 67th and Queens Blvd. For people in the surrounding neighborhoods, the school is easily accessible via the M and R train, on the 67th avenue stop.

Susan S.

International Philanthropy Organization

I just finished my first 12 months of training at Red Dawn and have participated regularly in their grappling, MMA, kickboxing, yoga programs and seminars. This martial arts school brings Brazilian JuJitsu to ordinary people – kids and adults are welcome.  Women and girls are welcome. Student safety comes first in all activities.

The effort, both mental and physical, that you put into jujitsu training pays off — this year I’m stronger with more muscle definition, my ego has been humbled (yes, this is good thing!), and the confidence I’ve developed at learning a “fighting” sport has made my performance in other sports activities 100% better. 

It’s an honor to attend competition events and see classmates, both kids, teenagers and adults, show their stuff.  Brazilian Jujitsu is not an easy martial art to learn or practice.  I like the instructors and the students are great.  Several students are excellent recreational athletes and I expect Mike’s Competition Team to grow over the next year or so.  

Bon N.


I have been training at RDCC for 5 years. I can honestly say it’s a great place to learn and meet new friends. The environment is very down to earth. The instructors are always willing to teach and help each student reach their full potential. I would definitely recommend all my friends to train here. At the end of the day, you will learn something physically and mentally that you can use in your life.  

Abidur R.

College Student

I feel like RDCC Fresh Meadows is sort of a hidden gem in Queens. 

I’ve been a student of their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program since their opening about a year ago.  The schedule is pretty good, with classes in the morning and evening, and the instructors work all aspects of BJJ (sport, self-defense, takedowns).  There’s always an emphasis on safety, and it’s a completely ego-less atmosphere.  If you’re a consistent student who’s focused on learning, you’ll see progress made in all the right ways.  

The space is kept clean, the instructors are great, and the rolling/sparring partners are awesome, humble people.  No part of jiu-jitsu is easy.  In fact, it can be intimidating and difficult at times.  RDCC helps to allay those fears and give you the best instruction around.  They have free trial classes, which is how I started, so I definitely recommend you give that a shot and check it out.

Karin K.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

I started training at RDCC to learn how to fight and defend myself…and I’m loving it. I love the confidence and strength training gives me. What makes RDCC exemplary is the camaraderie. The atmosphere of the school is one where egos are checked at the door. Everyone is interested in helping each other and training to improve themselves. And that is extremely important to this woman in a male dominated martial art. So much so that I have even signed up my 6 year-old daughter!

Jimmy Fortunato

Owner/The Good Fight Tournament

Anyone in Fresh Meadows or the surrounding areas should absolutely check out Michael Botier’s Red Dawn Combat Club. His character, technique and insight to the sport will benefit you and/or your child. Mike has competed and referred for The Good Fight tournament. Because of his knowledge of the rules and his professional attitude toward the sport it is always an asset to us when we have Mike as a ref. This will be true for you too. RDCC students will be a great group of folks to train with. Their attitude of respect and integrity is always something we’ve seen when they compete at The Good Fight.

John S.

College Student

As intimidating as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sounds, I’ve been training here pretty consistently for a year and change, and can tell you that the environment has always been safe and clean. The atmosphere is friendly and classes can be as strenuous as it is fun. All in all, you’ll always get a good workout in an even better learning environment. 

The instructor, Mike, covers a huge deal of techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as Judo throw combos. Have a question about the move? Want to see it one more time before you practice it? Just ask, Mike’s always available to answer any questions you may have.

Giselle Guadalupe Maldonado

My first time doing yoga was with grace and she not only made my experience wonderful, she also made me a fan. Grace was super patient and had total control with out losing me. I look forward to my next yoga class with Grace!


An incredible facility to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, RDCC has it’s main focus on safety and in a healthy learning environment. Where other academies fall short, RDCC in Queens NY has some of the best Jiu Jitsu instruction in the New York Area.

Pedro U.

College Student

RDCC has really changed me both physically and mentally. When I first started I thought the bigger, faster and stronger guy would always win. After a little more then a year my whole mental approach has changed with BJJ.  With Proper Technique I’ve beaten bigger stronger guys with ease.   I Consider this school as my second home.  I’m very lucky to have come across this school, too bad it wasn’t sooner.